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Projects :Forestry

Our major projects above mentioned categorized below. Click on the project title to see the respective projects description :
# Title Start Date Duration
1 Forest Resources Management in Bangladesh: Issues, Problems and Prospects 15 Feb 1989 1989-1989
2 Demographic and Socio-economic Survey under National Conservation Strategy Implementation Project (NCSIP-1) 10 Sep 1995 1995-1997
3 Preliminary Studies of Social Forestry in Bangladesh 10 Jan 1991 1991-1991
4 Tree Plantation Pattern in Tidal Agro-forestry: A case study of five villages of Bangladesh in greater Barisal district. 05 Jan 1990 1990-1990
5 Socio-economic Survey in Reedland Forest Area under the Reedland Afforestation Project in Sylhet Forest Division 02 Mar 1996 1996-1997
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